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Ys Girls Hostel
We are pleased to introduce ys girls hostel to you,DELHI's first and unique girls-only hostel! YS HOSTEL was started in the year 2009, with the vision to provide quality accommodation and hygienic food, considering the problems of GIRLS Accommodation in National Capital Delhi. Many working women and students are facing much problem in getting homely food in Delhi, due to which they are not able to concentrate properly on their work. We are providing the food + accommodation on monthly basis. Most of the guests are staying here on long-term, which also reduce the cost.

If you are planning a cool, carefree trip to DELHI alone or with your friends, YS Hostel is the right choice for you.


All Happy Here
At YS, we believe that the event celebration is an important part of the life. Hence, we organise several events to create a cheerfull environment. The various celebrations and events at the ys are designed to foster connections amongst the hostlers.
YS isn't only a hostel, Its a cultural point. Two Things were clear for us when we were designing the hostel was the exchange of experience and other is artistic environment.
Holi Celebration , Lohri celebration, New years eve, Christmas, Diwali, Birthday Celebrations etc..

New Year Party

Annual Function


Friendship Day

HPY Journey


Christmas Enjoyment

BirthDay Pic